Can I Send International Payments with Non-EUR Source Account Currency Using API?

When working with's API to send payments, understanding how to handle different currencies and payment instruments is essential. This FAQ addresses whether the API supports currency conversion and how to manage payments with Non-EUR source account currencies.

Does the API support currency conversion for international payments, and how should I configure the API to send payments with Non-EUR source account currencies?

Currently, API does not have a "currency conversion" functionality. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Use V1 Payments Documentation: If your application has not integrated Payments V2, continue to use the V1 payments documentation and initiate a token request as outlined in the documentation.
  2. Set the Correct Local Instrument: Before making a payment, ensure that you set the correct value for the local instrument in the transferDestination object. The payment rail is selected based on the local instrument, not the currency.
  3. Initiating Token Requests: To support different currencies, you need to initiate a token request and configure the payment payload appropriately. Follow the API endpoint details provided for Single-Immediate-Payments-v2 or V1 as per your integration.

By following these guidelines, you can manage payments with Non-EUR source account currencies effectively without relying on an automatic currency conversion feature.


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