How do end users revoke consent?

What is consent? work with various third-party providers to provide them with open banking technology.

We provide a highly regulated service whereby customers of ours utilise our technology:

  • PIS (payment initiation services): This includes account-to-account payment functionality, which is an instant bank transfer option (More information on this is available here).
  • AIS (account information services): This includes account and transaction data aggregation from banks in the UK and Europe (More information on this is available here).

Removing consent.

If you would like to remove any consent you have provided to a merchant’s (TPP) app, please find some general information on next steps on how to revoke consent:


If you would like to revoke consent for payments to a merchant that uses

  • We only facilitate single immediate payments. This means that for every single payment initiation, a new consent will need to be provided. We do not store your consent, and it is not valid for further transactions.


If you would like to revoke consent, this needs to be done directly with your bank.  You can either:

  • Go to the regulated app or website you provided consent to, and withdraw your consent directly with them; OR
  • Contact your bank or building society to let them know you no longer want the regulated app or website to have access to your information


If you are having any problems with removing consent, you can get in touch with the Token Support team and raise a complaint by clicking here.

For more information on our complaints process, please view this article here.

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