What should I do if I encounter issues connecting my bank account to Token.io?

If you're facing challenges connecting your bank account, it's crucial for TPPs to communicate and guide their PSUs through the initial troubleshooting steps. Following these steps ensures a smoother resolution process and minimises unnecessary delays. Please note that while these steps cover common scenarios, the list is not exhaustive.

What steps should TPPs and PSUs take if there are issues connecting a bank account to Token.io?

If a PSU encounters difficulties connecting their bank account, TPPs should first ensure they communicate the following steps:

1. Account Unlinked (NOT_FOUND Error): If the PSU receives a "NOT_FOUND" error (io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: NOT_FOUND), it indicates that the account was unlinked. Instruct the PSU to log in to their online banking app, remove any existing consents related to Token, and then attempt to reconnect their account.

2. Service Invalid or SCA Failure: For errors like "SERVICE_INVALID" or issues related to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), advise the PSU to retry the connection process. Ensure they successfully pass the SCA check during the attempt.

3. Credential Entry Issues (INVALID_ARGUMENT Error): In cases where PSU cannot connect after entering credentials and receives an "INVALID_ARGUMENT" error (io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: INVALID_ARGUMENT), recommend the following:

  • Clear the PSU's browser cache and history.
  • Clear the cache on the TPP's end if necessary.
  • Remove the connected account from Token and guide the PSU to reconnect.
  • Optionally, force refresh the user’s feed to ensure data consistency.

4. Error During Connection Flow (error=9, error=13): If PSU faces errors like "error=9" or "error=13," typically due to interrupted connection flows or unsupported bank branches, recommend:

  • Not using the browser's back button during the connection process.
  • Ensuring they are connecting through a supported branch or account type.

Important Note: ONLY contact Token's Support team after the PSU has followed these initial troubleshooting steps. This approach helps streamline support requests and ensures that common issues are addressed promptly.

Remember, this list is not exhaustive, and unique cases may require additional support.

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