Efficient Transaction Retrieval with Epoch Timestamps

How can I retrieve a list of transactions using the GET /transactions endpoint?

Ensure adherence to the Developer Documentation guidelines for retrieving transactions via the GET /accounts/{accountId}/transactions endpoint. Confirm the presence of transactions within your specified time frame from the relevant member account.

How do I navigate to the next page of transaction results?

To continue retrieving the list in sequence, add 1 to the sum of offset and limit from the previous call (page.offset + page.limit + 1) and set this as the new page.offset for the next call.

What timestamp format should I use for the starttime and endtime parameters when utilising the Token API for transactions?

Use the Unix Epoch timestamps for precise transaction filtering in the Token API. These timestamps, representing seconds elapsed since January 1, 1970 (UTC), ensure accurate data retrieval based on specific time intervals.

I'm experiencing issues retrieving transactions even with the offset parameter. How can I resolve this?

If offset usage proves ineffective, consider employing Unix epoch timestamps for both start and end time filters. This approach resolves issues and guarantees proper offset functionality.

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