What to send on a support ticket for AIS requests?

Our Help Centre and API Documentation pages can be a huge help if you are integrating, testing or facing issues with our API. 

If you have already tried this, then our support team will gladly assist you further.

To provide you with the best support, we need as much information as possible about the issue you are having.

Please take a look at our requirements and best practices when sending your support ticket.

Must haves

  1. Token Trace ID (ttid): This can be found in the response headers in every call to Token.
  2. Timestamp: The closest possible 'time' and 'date' for when the issue happened (in GMT) – please provide this for when the issue happened and not for when you raised the ticket or when the issue was raised by the end-user.
  3. The request ID, if available. It looks like this: rq:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
  4. Any error message received.
  5. Steps to replicate the issue - or what you were trying to do when it happened. Include here the 'endpoint' you called, parameters, etc.
  6. Device and/or browser used.

Nice to haves

The below are not mandatory, but can definitely help:

  1. Screenshots and/or screen-recordings, where relevant.

Important: Remove (blur or redact) any sensitive information before sharing.

Do not send

Any kind of end-user sensitive information such as sort codes, account numbers, IBANs, passwords or PINs.

Any sensitive information shared through our ticketing system channel represents a security threat.

Steps to follow

To send your support request, simply go to our Help Centre and select “Submit a request” on the top-right of the screen. That's it!

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