Why are end users missing transactions?

Token.io do not provide data amendment/enrichment/analysis through AIS. We simply provide access to the bank data and pass on the information we have received from the bank.

If your end-users are having issues with transactions not appearing on your app/platform, when comparing the transactions that show on their bank statements, we have found that this is likely because:

  • The bank is providing this value: “NOT PROVIDED” for the transaction ID field
  • The bank are sending the same transaction ID for 2 different transactions


In AIS, it’s important to have logic in place to identify unique transactions. This logic should not only rely on the transaction ID field.

You may also wish to use Token.io’s unique identifier within your logic. 

Banks are not obligated to provide the transaction ID. Therefore, if we do not receive this information from the bank, this is ultimately outside of Token.io’s control.

Token.io are able to pass this feedback on to the bank to encourage them to make these fields immutable. As part of PSD2, banks should replicate customers’ statements in their API.

To assist us with this, we would require evidence to send to the bank. This would include screenshots of transactions on the customer’s bank statement compared to transactions on your app/platform, showing where transactions are missing.

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