Do you support Personal Accounts with Co-Operative Bank?

Currently, only Co-operative Bank Business accounts are supported. Personal accounts are not currently available.

At the moment, when adds supported banks, the first thing we do is check whether they have a compliant open banking API. Some banks don’t provide standard API functionality, instead offering what’s called an MCI. This is basically screen scraping, which will not use due to potential security risks.

Above all, it’s about providing a user-friendly, fast, and secure service. So, if we feel that a bank cannot facilitate that, then we are unable to work with them at that time.

However, we constantly assess the suitability of our integrations and banking partners by periodically checking for the availability of an open banking API, as well as product integrity and quality of service. At the moment, we have about 96% coverage in the UK, but we’re always looking to add new banks and integration partners to our global coverage.

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