Why am I receiving the error "NOT_FOUND: bank auth uri v2 template"?

If you are receiving the error message "NOT_FOUND: bank auth uri v2 template", this is because the bank selected in the request is not a direct bank and utilises the V1 Bank SDK.
The "bank-auth-uri-v2-template" (specifically designed for direct banks) is the bank authorisation URI for V2 direct banks only.

How can I resolve this error?

You will need to implement a redirect mechanism for the PSU to our web app which will guide the user to the bank authentication page.
Please note that this solution is specific to certain compliance banks and will only change if the bank updates the flow they use with us.
This applies to all compliance banks, and it's crucial to emphasise that these banks can only be accessed via our web app. You can find the list of Compliance banks here.

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