Known Issue SEB Sweden: PSU Additional Security Settings

SEB has launched additional security settings applicable for private customers. The features will not affect your integration towards the dedicated PSD2 interfaces, but the settings might affect the availability and access to certain products and the amount on specific transactions could require additional signature.

The Below communication to customers is published on

We always analyze suspicious purchase patterns and unusual transactions to act quickly and protect you against fraud. Now you can also increase your own security level by activating our security extensions.

This is how we increase your security together.

You can choose which extensions you want to activate and to what extent the protection should have. Contact us and we'll tell you more and activate the add-ons for you, completely free of charge.

Signing duality of payments.

Choose the products and amount limits that require an extra signing. Appoint a trusted person that should be the secondary signee of your chosen payment products and amounts.

Delay payments over a certain amount.

Regardless of whether it is an account transfer, invoice via bank or plusgiro or payment outside Sweden, we hold payments above an amount you choose for two days. If you regret the payment, you can contact us, and we will stop it.

Deactivate international payment products.

In many fraud cases, the victim is tricked into making large transfers to foreign accounts. If you have not made any international payment in the past year, we will automatically deactivate that option for you.

Change of card settings.

Set a limit for your card purchases and you will minimize the risk of large purchases being made for fraudulent purposes. Limit the possibilities of using your cards for purchases on the Internet and abroad.

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