Why am I receiving "Account passed in is not present or invalid" errors for BANCA DELLE TERRE VENETE

There is a restriction applied by BANCA DELLE TERRE VENETE, an Italian bank, which means that only one GET /Accounts request is allowed per consent. 

This can result in PSUs having to re-consent in order to get up-to-date transactions. 

The error attached to such requests is:

INVALID_ARGUMENT, Account passed in is not present or invalid

How to solve this error

In order to prevent users from having to re-consent in order to retrieve transaction information, it is advised to not call GET /Accounts more than once per consent for this bank specifically. As a result, the other requests, (for example, GET /Transactions) can continue to be made using the same consent ID. 

This is a bank-side restriction and not something Token can control. We hope this won't cause inconvenience. 

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