Connectivity FAQ for Token Customers and Prospects


For Existing Customers

  • How can I access information about Token's connectivity?
    As an existing customer, you can retrieve comprehensive information about Token's connectivity by utilizing the /GET banks call. This API call provides a detailed list of available banks. Additionally, we proactively inform you about any deprecations or changes to ensure seamless integration.


For Prospects and Non-Customers

  • Where can I find information about Token's connectivity if I'm not an existing customer?
    If you are a prospect or not currently using Token's services, you can find details about our connectivity on our dedicated connectivity page here. New country announcements are regularly updated on our company pages. Please note that we do not individually announce new banks.

    If you are interested in exploring Token's services, we encourage you to reach out to our Sales team. You can initiate contact by visiting our Contact Us page here. Our Sales team will provide you with comprehensive information and assist you in understanding how Token can cater to your specific needs.
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