Is it Possible to Blacklist Individual IBANs in

While does not currently support the blacklisting of individual IBANs, we offer a whitelist feature for managing accepted beneficiary IBANs. By utilising the whitelist, only IBANs included in the whitelist are accepted for transactions. Therefore, to restrict transactions to specific IBANs, you can ensure that only those IBANs are whitelisted.

How do I use the whitelist feature in

To utilise the whitelist feature, Third Party Providers must have the Beneficiary Settings enabled in the feature control within their dashboard. This setting allows access to the menu where whitelisting can be managed. Detailed instructions on how to enable this feature and manage beneficiary IBANs can be found in our documentation here.

When does the whitelist setting become effective?

The whitelist setting becomes effective immediately upon activation. Once enabled, only the IBANs included in the whitelist will be usable for transactions. We recommend testing this feature in the sandbox environment first and scheduling a maintenance window to add or modify whitelist entries in the production environment.

By leveraging the whitelist feature provided by, TPPs can efficiently manage beneficiary IBANs and ensure that only authorised accounts are eligible for transactions.

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