What are the common problems when making a payment and how do I resolve?

The errors that you can receive can, generally, be broken down into two categories:

  • Technical errors: You receive a numerical error code, e.g. HTTP 500 error. These errors are usually IT or technical in nature.
    • You should discuss these errors with your IT team and then raise a ticket with Token support if required.
    • It is worth checking if there are any additional error messages, as this sometimes adds additional detail which will help to diagnose/resolve the issue.
  • Payment initiation errors: This is where you receive a text based STATUS error from Token, e.g. FAILURE_INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS
    • Some status errors can be obvious, such as FAILURE_INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS where the user does not have the funds to process the transaction.
    • These errors are normally accompanied by a statusReasonInformation message which often provides more detail on the underlying problem, be sure to check whether this detail is available in the response from Token.

You can see all error codes that Token support here.

In ‘Business As Usual’ operations, a merchant is most likely to encounter errors when:

  • An end user is authorising with their bank
  • Their bank rejects the transfer at the point of moving the funds
  • If the end user abandons the flow

In most of these cases the issue is unlikely to be with Token and is most likely to be with the end user or their bank. It’s reasonable to ask the PSU to retry the transaction or contact their bank in these circumstances. If the issue persists, then consider raising the issue with the Token support team.

Common error statuses when this is the case:

End point Status Description
token-requests REJECTED Usually an indication the bank rejected authorisation of the user
transfers FAILURE_EXPIRED Usually an indication the user has not completed authorisation within the banks cut off time, normally 30 minutes, but varies per bank
transfers FAILURE_PERMISSION_DENIED Usually an indication that the user has failed authorisation at the bank
transfers FAILURE_INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS Returned by the bank when the user does not have the funds to complete the requested transaction
transfers FAILURE_DECLINED Returned by the bank when they have declined the funds transfer


If the issue/solution is not obvious from the status returned, and the statusReasonInformation field does not provide any additional information, consider raising a ticket with Token Support.

Some good additional questions to consider asking:

  • Has anything in your implementation recently changed?
    • e.g. deployed a new version of software or new feature?
  • Is this issue related to a single payment?
  • If this issue is present for multiple payments, are they all from the same source bank?
  • Is the issue ongoing?
  • Has the PSU retried the payment?
  • Are you able to recreate the problem?
  • Are you able to get a screenshot or video displaying the issue?
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