Why is my payment stuck in ACTC with SEB banks?

Payments getting stuck in the "ACTC" status typically occur when the Payment Service User (PSU) abandons the payment authorization process. The Authorization (SCA) status for these kinds of payments usually ends at "started," indicating that while the redirect flow for confirmation initiated, it wasn't finalized by the PSU. Consequently, the payment confirmation remains incomplete from the PSU side.

To provide further clarity, here's a breakdown of the Authorization (SCA) status as outlined in SEB bank's developer documentation:



received Authorization sub-resource successfully created by TPP (POST/authorizations) but not authorized by PSU
scaMethodSelected SCA method selected by PSU/TPP and authorization sub-resource updated (PATCH /authorizations)
started SCA process has been started
finalized SCA process has been successfully finalized (authorized by PSU)
failed SCA process has failed

It's essential to note that all authorizations (except those with status=finalized) will be terminated (status=failed) after 15 minutes from their creation.

If your payment is stuck in "ACTC" status, we recommend checking with the PSU(s) involved in the payment transaction to understand if there were any issues or reasons for not finalizing the payment confirmation and try again if required.

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