Why am I receiving the error: "Creditor must match nominated or internal VM account"?

This error typically occurs due to the following restrictions on Virgin Money accounts:

1. Current Accounts: The online functionality for current accounts is ‘read only’. This means customers cannot initiate any payments from these accounts online.

2. Savings Accounts: Payments from online savings accounts can only be made to a nominated account. This is a security measure to ensure that funds are transferred only to pre-designated accounts.

3. Credit Card Accounts: While balance transfers and money transfers are supported, there are specific restrictions on the accounts to which money can be transferred.

These restrictions are in place to enhance security and prevent unauthorised transactions.

For future cases, if you encounter this error, it is likely due to these predefined limitations on the type of accounts and the nature of permissible transactions. Ensure that any transfer or payment you wish to make complies with the account type's specific rules and limitations.

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