Raiffeisen Bank - Payment Processing and Final Status

Understanding how Raiffeisen Bank processes payments and their final status is crucial for a seamless transaction experience. Please read on for insights into payment processing timings and the ultimate status your transactions will reach.
What happens to SEPA payments during specific hours at Raiffeisen Bank?
Raiffeisen Bank can not process SEPA payments in the evening, typically from 18:00 to 03:00, on weekdays or holidays. Payments received during these hours remain in a pending status until settlement can resume on the next bank working day in the morning.
What is the final status of SEPA Credit Transfers at Raiffeisen Bank?
For SEPA Credit Transfers, the final status is typically ACSC, but it may also be ACCC because some banks confirm the settlement directly.
What is the final status of Instant Payments at Raiffeisen Bank?
The final status for Instant Payments at Raiffeisen Bank is always ACCC.
To enhance integration robustness, implementors are advised to always check for ACSC or ACCC as the final status in their systems. This proactive approach ensures a more reliable and accurate payment processing experience.

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