Why was my payment marked as FAILURE_EXPIRED despite funds being settled?

FAILURE_EXPIRED is a final status applied to payments after the payment authorization hasn't been completed by a PSU (Payment Services User) within a defined time.

It is expected that a PSU will progress with the payment successfully within the prescribed window. If they do not, we mark the payment as FAILURE_EXPIRED on our side. We stop polling for the status of a payment once this happens,as FAILURE_EXPIRED is a final payment status.

In some rare occurrences, the PSU will continue the payment authorization after the payment has expired on Token's side. In these cases, the discrepancy will arise, where a payment is marked as FAILURE_EXPIRED in the Token Dashboard, but the bank will show the payment as settled successfully.

How long does it take for a transaction to expire?

This varies for each bank. For most banks, this will be 30 minutes, but it can vary from 15-40 minutes.

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