Why is my payment stuck in Processing for Business Accounts requiring Multi-Authorisation at AIB?

Dual or multi-authorisation refers to a security measure in financial transactions where more than one individual's approval or authorisation is required to complete the payment. It adds an extra layer of control and security, ensuring that significant transactions or actions cannot be executed by a single person alone.

At Allied Irish Banks (AIB), business accounts requiring multi-authorisation follow the Open Banking Specification, specifically the Payments API v3.1. If you find your payment stuck in processing, here's what you need to know:

The status "AwaitingFurtherAuthorisation" is a normal interim state in the authorisation process. This status doesn't have a predefined timeout and persists until the PSU takes action, moving the payment to either "Authorised" or "Rejected." This aligns with Token's implementation for multi-authorisations, accurately reflecting the ongoing authorisation process. The status remains "Processing" until a resolution is reached on the PSU's end.

What should the Second Approver expect in the authorisation process?
 The Second Approver should receive a message indicating a pending payment authorisation, prompting them to either Approve or Deny the transaction.

What if a final action has been taken, but the payment remains in "Processing"?
 If a final action (Approve or Deny) has been taken on the client's end, and the payment still remains in "Processing," please submit a request, and we will be happy to assist you.

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