What do the 4-letter codes for STET Banks mean?

When checking the final status of a transfer, it is helpful to refer to the status codes contained within the response to understand if and why a payment has failed.

ISO20022 provides detailed information on the status reason. However, via PSD2 APIs, only STET banks tend to return a codified reason along with the RJCT payment. Therefore, these reason codes can be mostly found in French banks. 

The below error codes can be found via the status reason information field within GET/ banks. They can provide further insight in to why a payment was rejected: 

  • AC01 (IncorectAccountNumber): the account number is either invalid or does not exist

  • AC04 (ClosedAccountNumber): the account is closed and cannot be used

  • AC06 (BlockedAccount): the account is blocked and cannot be used

  • AG01 (Transaction forbidden): Transaction forbidden on this type of account

  • AM04 ( Insufficient Funds) Amount of funds available to cover specified message amount is insufficient

  • AM18 (InvalidNumberOfTransactions): the number of transactions exceeds the ASPSP acceptance limit

  • CH03 (RequestedExecutionDateOrRequestedCollectionDateTooFarInFuture): The requested execution date is too far in
    the future

  • CUST (RequestedByCustomer): The reject is due to the debtor: refusal or lack of liquidity

  • DS02 (OrderCancelled): An authorized user has cancelled the order

  • FF01 (InvalidFileFormat): The reject is due to the original Payment Request which is invalid (syntax, structure or values)

  • FRAD (FraudulentOriginated): the Payment Request is considered as fraudulent

  • MS03 (NotSpecifiedReasonAgentGenerated): No reason specified by the ASPSP

  • NOAS (NoAnswerFromCustomer): The PSU has neither accepted nor rejected the Payment Request and a time-out
    has occurred

  • RR01 (MissingDebtorAccountOrIdentification): The Debtor account and/or Identification are missing or inconsistent

  • RR03 (MissingCreditorNameOrAddress): Specification of the creditor’s name and/or address needed for regulatory
    requirements is insufficient or missing.

  • RR04 (RegulatoryReason): Reject from regulatory reason

  • RR12 (InvalidPartyID): Invalid or missing identification required within a particular country or payment type.

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