Understanding Payment Status Updates and Polling Mechanisms

Transaction status updates are dependent upon the progression of the payment and associated banking procedures. Token provides payment status updates via webhooks whenever there's a change in the payment status. However, if a webhook isn't received within 30 minutes, it's crucial to implement a polling mechanism to ensure you're displaying the most current payment status. TPPs can find detailed instructions on integrating this polling mechanism in our developer documentation here.

If the status is non-final, e.g., PROCESSING, TPPs should wait for additional webhooks to be sent. If the webhook is not received, TPPs should use a polling call (GET /transfers/{transferId}) every 15 minutes.

The recommended maximum polling time is 30 days. If the bank doesn't update the status, it will change to INITIATED after 30 days, meaning the final result is unknown. This will not get updated later because Token has stopped polling the bank.

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