Understanding the PSU-ID Header Format for BRD Romania

For TPPs integrating with BRD Romania's Corporate & Retail APIs, it is important to adhere to the specific format requirements for the PSU-ID header to ensure smooth and successful API communication with the bank.

Below is the detailed mandatory format required for the PSU-ID header when accessing BRD Romania's Corporate & Retail APIs:

  • Length: The "PSU-ID" must be exactly eight numeric characters long.
  • Starting Digit: The "PSU-ID" must begin with either the digit 3 or 4.

Adhering to the specific format for the "PSU-ID" ensures that API requests are processed without errors related to user identification. This is crucial for enabling secure and efficient interactions between TPPs and BRD Romania's banking services under the Open Banking regulations.

If you receive a "FORMAT_ERROR" concerning the "PSU-ID", please verify that the "PSU-ID" being submitted conforms to the specified format. Adjustments should be made to comply with the 8-digit length and the required starting digit (either 3 or 4).


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