Understanding Transaction Visibility in the Token Dashboard

At what point of a PIS flow is a transaction created to the point where it can be seen in the Token dashboard?

For transactions to appear in the Token dashboard, they must undergo successful processing. Specifically, when the API call is made to the PSU's bank for authentication, a transfer is created. Only after this step, when the transfer is successfully initiated, will you see a non-final or final status entry in the dashboard. If the initiation is rejected before the call to the bank is made, no transfer is created, and thus, it won't be visible in the dashboard.

Why are some transactions not showing in the Token portal despite customers attempting to authenticate them at their bank?

Transactions may not appear in the Token portal if the initiation process is rejected before the call to the bank is made. This typically occurs for 2-step banks, where the transfer creation happens after successful authentication with the bank. Therefore, for 2-step banks, you will only see transactions in the portal once PSUs have successfully authenticated with the bank during the transaction process. This differs from 1-step banks, commonly found outside the UK, where the transfer creation occurs when the bank authorisation process is initiated.

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